'At the end, reality is just a support for our dreams to stand' - Diarra Bousso

The Brand

DIARRABLU is high contemporary lifestyle brand founded by Diarra Bousso. The brand’s mission is to iterate for sustainability while highlighting the African continent’s rich colors and unique patterns through practical and versatile pieces designed using mathematical concepts or algorithms.

Through a sartorial merger of tradition and technology, artisans and algorithms, the collections are marked by strong structural cuts, bold prints, colorful accents and sustainable solids. The brand’s design process is the result of innovative creative mathematics through the use of algebraic graphs and geometric transformations to create iconic prints.

The majority of the pieces are produced in Dakar, Senegal and the brand’s ethos is focused on sustainability, wanderlust, tradition and algorithms. The pieces are known for being convertible, adjustable and wearable across various sizes for a prolonged lifecycle.



Diarra Bousso

Diarra Bousso is a Serial Entrepreneur, Creative Mathematician and Multidisciplinary Artist born in Dakar, Senegal. She is the founder and Creative Director of the conscious lifestyle brand DIARRABLU.

Diarra started her professional career on Wall Street as a Structured Products Trader and later Asset Finance Analyst but decided to resign after two years to follow her passion in design. She launched several startups since 2013, notably DIARRABLU with the aim to celebrate her African heritage while empowering local artisan communities. Today she has built a global fashion business through her innovative design concept merging algorithms, tradition and sustainability. Diarra has showcased her collections during New York and Paris Fashion weeks and represented Senegal at World Fashion Week Paris. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, CNN and The New York Times among others.

She is a strong activist for the global celebration of the African cultural legacy and represents Senegal at the United Nations’ new platform for art and heritage. Diarra recently completed her Master’s degree in Mathematics Education at Stanford University with stints at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford Center for Computational Research in Music and Acoustics. Diarra is focused on the teaching and research of Creative Mathematics in Silicon Valley while thoughtfully merging the worlds of math and arts for a multi-disciplinary approach to innovation in teaching, learning and design. Her fashion group and its various subsidiaries are operated by her global team between Dakar, London and San Francisco, where she is a designer in residence at the Fashion Incubator San Francisco at Bloomingdale's.

Diarra's mother, Khoudia Dionna runs the atelier in Dakar, Senegal and oversees all locally manufactured products. 

"Growing up in Dakar, Senegal, Diarra Bousso loved both math and art, and couldn’t decide which to make her career. It wasn’t until she arrived at Stanford that she discovered she could do both." - STANFORD TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM

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Khoudia Dionna