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Merging Math and Art

To create our Ndar print, Math equations are digitally generated, graphed and hand-painted on with touches of oranges, turquoise blues and monochromes, inspired by the island's vibrant architecture. The resulting abstract pattern is printed on fabrics.

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Our rich African heritage is paramount in our design process as we work with local artisans and seamstresses whose traditional techniques are passed from previous generations.

The late Sokhna Mbow, Diarra's paternal grandmother was a renowned leather, ceramics and metal artisan in the Baol region of Senegal. She inherited the crafstmanship from her ancestors and passed it down to her children.

Design is not what we do; it is who we are!

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→ (design, transitive, intransitive) To repeat an activity, making incremental changes each time. In our world, to re-use, recycle and repurpose for a prolonged life cycle.