About Us

Our mission is to consciously merge the worlds of artisans and algorithms for a more responsible fashion future

'At the end, reality is just a support for our dreams to stand'
- Diarra Bousso


DIARRABLU is a contemporary lifestyle brand born from Diarra Bousso's daydreams. The brand's mission is focused on weaving sustainability seamlessly into a unique design and manufacturing process focused on thoughtfully merging the worlds of artisans and algorithms with the goal to reduce waste.

By marrying the ancient techniques of artisan communities in Senegal and various parts of the world with the latest technological advancements in creative mathematics and AI, DIARRABLU has created an ethereal realm where tradition meets innovation


Our collections are designed for the traveling soul who yearns for enchantment and magic. Our garments are an ode to the wanderlust spirit. Each piece is a work of art, with iconic prints that inspire awe, bold hues that capture the heart, and size-inclusive silhouettes ranging from XS-3X.


In our world, sustainability is a journey, a quest that we embark on progressively with each new collection. We celebrate this ethos, as we collaborate with our community to craft a future of conscious fashion. Our work is rooted in the limitless potential of creating versatile designs born from crowdsourcing with you and producing each piece on demand to reduce textile wastage. Our dream is to contribute to the fashion industry by sustaining a culture of inclusivity and responsibility.

The majority of our pieces are produced in Dakar, Senegal in a family-run workshop that we have slowly built over the years.

Our mission is to waste less and iterate.

Every garment is made to order to avoid excess stock, and Bousso has created her own algorithms to create designs virtually and crowdsource and produce only what’s needed. Many of the artisans at Diarrablu are family members who have spent decades perfecting their crafts in leather, jewelry, ceramics, and more. When we design and create, it’s more than just a product,” she says. “It’s a whole story about who we are, and it’s very powerful.”
- Vogue USA, 2021.


Diarra Bousso is an Entrepreneur, Creative Mathematician and Multidisciplinary Artist born in Dakar, Senegal. She is the founder and Creative Director of the conscious lifestyle brand DIARRABLU.

Diarra started her professional career on Wall Street as a Structured Products Trader but decided to resign after two years to follow her passion in design. She launched several startups since 2013, notably DIARRABLU with the aim to celebrate her rich artisanal heritage on the global stage. Today she has built a global fashion business through her innovative design concept merging algorithms, tradition and sustainability. Diarra is a notable speaker at institutions such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT and her innovative work has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, CNN and The New York Times among others.

Diarra recently completed her Master’s degree in Mathematics Education at Stanford University with stints at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford Center for Computational Research in Music and Acoustics.

'As a self-taught artist, I don't even know the rules, so I break them all the time'
- Diarra Bousso

Diarra Bousso leads a global team where the majority is based in Dakar, New York, San Francisco and Sao Paulo while also spending her time in the teaching and research of Creative Mathematics in Silicon Valley where she spends most of her time. She is driven by a passion to integrate the worlds of math, arts, and culture to cultivate a multi-disciplinary approach to inclusive and responsible innovation in teaching, learning, and design.


Dear Muses,

I want to share with you the deepest passion that drives me every day as a fashion designer, teacher, dancer, adventurer, and lover of life. It is the quest for love, magic, and spiritual awakening that keeps my heart beating and my creativity flowing.

Traveling the world and exploring different cultures is one of the ways I tap into deeper levels of understanding and connection with others. As I immerse myself in new environments and languages, I am reminded of the common thread that unites us all: the desire for love, peace, and joy.

In my work as a fashion designer, I am committed to empowering local artisan communities in my native Senegal and around the world. By collaborating with talented craftsmen and women, I am able to infuse my unique design philosophy born from the worlds of mathematics and arts with the richness and diversity of unique cultures, creating pieces that are both unique and timeless.

But it's not just about the end product. It's about the journey of creation and the process of bringing beauty into our world. As I create, write and daydream, I am reminded of the energy of love and its infinite power to connect us all.

As an adventurer and perpetual seeker of knowledge, I am constantly inspired by the wonders within us all and the infinite possibilities that we can create to make a difference. I chose art as my love language to you, to the universe and I invite you to join me on this journey of love and discovery.

Let's infuse everything we do with the abundant, endless love that surrounds us and when you do wear your next DIARRABLU piece, I hope you feel the magical energy we've poured into its making, from our hearts, from our minds, from our hands.

Love always, 


Diarra's mother, Khoudia Dionna runs the atelier in Dakar, Senegal and oversees all locally manufactured products and everyone calls her Maman.

Khoudia is a remarkable woman. After quitting her job in computer software in 1995, she decided to focus her life on raising her four children. In 2013, when Diarra dreamt of creating this company, Khoudia stepped to be her partner and biggest cheerleader. Today, she has found her true calling in managing a team of over 30 in Dakar, Senegal who bring her daughter's vision to life.

Khoudia's kind and beautiful nature shine through everything, from raising her children to overseeing a family-run design workshop and ensuring that each member of her team feels valued and supported. Khoudia's creativity and eye for design have also played a crucial role in the success of DIARRABLU, as she contributes to many of the beautiful and unique styles that we've launched.

DIARRABLU is also a beautiful story about mother-daughter love.


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