Conscious Values
Buy Less, Iterate
In mathematics, an iterated function is a function which is composed with itself, possibly ad infinitum, in a process called iteration.
(design, transitive, intransitive) To repeat an activity, making incremental changes each time
(mathematics) a function that iterates
f2(x0) is the second iterate of x0 under f
Iterated functions are objects of study in computer science, fractals, dynamical systems, mathematics and renormalization group physics
Prioritize sustainability of:
  • the people - aim as much as possible for local manufacturing in Senegal to empower artisans and provide sustainable livelihood. For collections produced outside of Senegal, due diligemce to be performed to make sure that working conditions meet our standards.
  • the planet - to reduce waste by using recycled materials whenever possible and also building a business model focused on low inventory, no overproduction and a strong reliance on algorithmic digital design and consumer feedback before investing in stock.
  • the bottom line - as usual
“The goal of sustainable fashion is to increase the value of local production and products, to prolong the lifecycle of materials, to increase the value of timeless garments, to reduce the amount of waste, and to reduce the harm to the environment. It aims to educate people to practice environmentally friendly consumption by promoting the "green consumer”
“Characteristics of sustainable fashion match the philosophies of "slow fashion": buying vintage clothes, redesigning old clothes, shopping from smaller producers, making clothes and accessories at home and buying garments that last longer. New ideas and product innovations are constantly redefining slow fashion, so using a static, single definition would ignore the evolving nature of the concept.”
“The empirical definition of sustainable fashion is as follows: a fashion production which is locally embedded, slow in terms of production cycles, with a quantity of produced goods that corresponds to demand and without overproduction. It utilizes eco-friendly and qualitative materials, yet it is not cheap, the idea being to stimulate prolonged use of the clothing.”
  1. convertible pieces ad infinitum (buy less, iterate)
  2. Recycled raw materials (recycled denim shoes, recycle scraps to make necklaces)
  3. Local manufacturing (majority of production takes place in Senegal)
  4. Ethical manufacturing, artisanal practices and slow fashion (ethical working conditions, fair wages, sustainable livelihoods)
  5. Committed to exotic leather only from animals died of natural causes or as a result of food consumption in some indegenous cultures (exotic skin becomes by-product of meat) - this is why the db bags are of limited edition.
  6. Rigid sustainable code of conduct for foreign manufacturing (have a code of conduct)
  7. Low stock, low inventory, algorithmic design process to limit ressources used through iterative functions. Cycle back to point 1