Our Team

In the last few weeks, we have observed Covid-19 disorient our world.

As an owner, my goal is to protect our stakeholders and employees both from a health/safety and financial standpoint, while still making sure we are here for our customers. Fashion and art have an important place in our lives in sharing culture, magic and dreams and my goal is to find a balance between building more dreams while prioritizing the health and sustainable livelihoods of our most important members; our artisans. As a result, we currently have our artisanal staff on a 2 day a week limited schedule, to ensure a safe work environment in small shifts while still maintaining their salary at 100%. Meanwhile, our administrative staff and interns are working from home. We have focused more on the digital space as all physical stores have closed and more than ever cultivating a philosophy of giving back at the core of our values (see below).


Our Stores

All our partner stores have closed while our e-commerce remains fully operational. Your orders will still be delivered in 2-6 business days worldwide. 

Our Ethos

As a founder and eternal dreamer, it was important to find ways to keep brightening your days and celebrate the magic rooted at the ethos of our brand. I started this company with the purpose to celebrate an unbound creativity rooted in sustainability, wanderlust, tradition and algorithms with fashion as the primary medium of expression.

Dreaming With Art

With the new reality of social distancing, I decided to spend my time #athome drawing, dreaming and imagining magical destinations in order to stay positive and creative. I started sharing them with you on social media and somehow, in the middle of all the loneliness, felt a sense of togetherness through all the colors.  I decided to keep drawing to connect with you with intention through every stroke of paint. The purpose changed from just bringing me peace to now sharing a ray of sunshine from my home to yours in this new reality #athome.

A Very Personal Decision

I decided for the first time, to make my Art available. And unlike the fashion, which belongs to the company, this artwork is very personal. In a way, I am sharing a part of me, while nervous, scared but also with a sense of freedom to finally let my dreams evade and spread outside of my canvas, my studio, my world.  Through a collection titled GENT, Wolof for dream I hope to bring something bright to your home in this difficult time while exploring magical destinations together. Every piece is available in various sizes with the option of art prints, framed art prints and canvas prints.  Discover the collection here. All artwork will ship worldwide. 

Giving Back & Further Intentions

Most importantly, we have decided to give back a portion of the sale of artwork towards a local organization with Sini Ogo to make thousands of reusable masks that will be donated in Senegal while raising awareness in populous neighborhoods where the priviledge of staying home is not an option.
In the future, when everything goes back to normal, I want my Art to be an avenue through wich we can keep people dreaming while providing opportunities. 
I wanted to share my intentions in writing and hope that one day we will look back and smile. 
We hope you will join us.
Diarra Bousso