A zero waste mission


This new initiative aims to amplify our zero-waste mission. We are launching a 50% Outlet sale from September 2 (11am PST) to September 6 with select pieces we have been gathering along the years from sampling, sizing, product development and returns that didn’t make it back to the shipping pipeline. The intention is to do this once a year to get to zero waste, honor our sustainable pillar, and most importantly make you happy!


Where it all comes from...


I grew up in Senegal, in a family of ceramics, leather and metal artisans. In the summers, when I would go to my dad's village, I'd see that work, and it's so rich and beautiful! It's this strong and rich history of craftsmanship rooted in a zero-waste and circular philosophy, that we infused into Diarrablu.

I started and operated this company from my bedroom 7 years ago. Today we are a team of 25 between Dakar, New York, San Francisco and São Paulo and my mom runs the production in Senegal with a team of 15 artisans who represent our biggest pride.
 In a 100% artisanal production workshop in Dakar, each piece is produced with care and intention under the leadership of master artisans whose ancient values around sustainability are now more relevant than ever. 
The artisans in Senegal have been trained to produce at international standards while fusing their traditional know-how passed down across generations.


Our mission is to Waste Less & Iterate


The DIARRABLU label is rooted in one word: ITERATE. From an algorithmic standpoint, we follow an iterative production function (metaphorically) that keeps running until all fabric resources are used.


 We apply this iterative and sustainable philosophy by: 
    • A circular (no-waste) design process: We repurpose leather scraps from Italian factories and fabric scraps from our atelier in Dakar into mules and slides.
    • Merging Math and Art: I am a mathematician and have always been fascinated with numbers. Our current structure allows us to generate thousands of print iterations with math algorithms and only produce what’s needed, based on customer polling and engagement prior to production.
    • Producing On-demand: We launch new drops every 2 months and all garments are made on-demand when an order is placed. While the traditional fashion industry produces first and then tries to sell inventory, we do the opposite, and only create supply once there is demand. Through this innovative process, we are merging math and art and reducing textile waste by over 60%. Most importantly, we are able to create jobs and empower local artisan communities for sustainable livelihoods in Senegal, where 95% of our products are made. 
    • A flexible sizing philosophy: Our clothes can be worn different ways and across different sizes (XS-3XL), paired with a no-zipper and no-button mindset, for a prolonged life cycle.
      The brand’s flexible sizing and versatile design philosophy centered around convertibility is deeply rooted in West African culture where wrap skirts and boubou dresses were always oversized and wrapped around to be adjusted to fit anyone while being comfortable. Clothes were therefore passed down from generation with very little wastage as sizing was never a limiting factor.


Sept 2 - Sept 6
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