A Heavenly Eco-Wonderland


I'm so excited about #DIARRABLUVOYAGE and being able to share with you my wanderlust spirit. Last time, I told you about my experience in Guereo, which was one surreal adventure for the books. I am glad that our Senegal journey is far from over as we head to another dreamy destination that’s just as breathtaking; Sine Saloum.
The Sine Saloum region is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for a unique flora of snaking rivers and mangroves which is a group of trees called paletuviers that grow on water.
Sine Saloum Senegal
Imagine an eco-wonderland of 180,000 hectares (444,790 acres) made of many islands of small forests with turquoise water flowing in from all directions; pure magic!


Taking Luxury and Ecotourism to a New Level


We stayed at Les Palétuviers, a boutique hotel that sits on the mangrove and connects leisure with nature, wellness, and wildlife. The trip was organized by  Cometrip, a professional travel planning company in Senegal and we were welcomed with the utmost hospitality, giving us a great first impression.
treehouse senegal
I stayed in their iconic Baobab Tree Suite, a multi-floor luxury treehouse nestled on a majestic baobab tree. Treehouses spark a childlike wonder, and I was definitely filled with inspiration during my entire stay. Let me paint you a picture—waking up early in the morning, soaking the soft rays of the sun, and walking to the balcony to feel the fresh air and gaze at the view of the bay before me. The overall service was excellent and I absolutely loved the "treehouse balcony room service" for breakfast, from fresh tropical fruits like mangoes and papayas to decadent pastries.
Les Palétuviers boasts an exceptional vibe, which wouldn’t be possible without the help of the village. They champion socio-economic development that prioritizes community, local produce, and other natural resources. The hotel maintains a sustainable cycle that also allows fauna and flora to flourish. I was impressed that every morning, the restaurant would ask us to pre-order our lunch and dinner, so that they could pre-plan their cooking and only make what’s needed for the day. This approach very much resonated with how we make our garments at DIARRABLU; a zero waste approach where less is more.
Sine Saloum Paletuviers Senegal

The Perfect Setting for our Holiday ‘21 Collection


Having my new Holiday ‘21 collection with me was kismet because the comfort and style of all the pieces I wore were perfect for the occasion. I felt so effortlessly decadent up in that suite that it only made sense to have breakfast in our new MAYA dress and walk around the hotel in the new UMY Jumpsuit. My favorite part, was using our headwraps to create sarongs and tops I could easily wear over my swimsuits.
diarrablu vacation
Adriana is wearing the Moussor Headwrap Flora Vert from the OASIS collection as a beautiful skirt in our 2nd floor treehouse balcony. 


diarrablu holiday
A Special Boat Ride Along Senegal’s Bolongs

During our stay,Les Palétuviers organized for us a two-hour scenic boat ride through the Sine Saloum creek or bolong, as the locals call it. We experienced thriving wildlife such as various bird speechies flying home to their mangrove repository for sunset. We also discovered large oyster parks and visited a historic shell island. Our tour guides were kind, knowledgeable, and hospitable, making our trip all the more enjoyable. It was very soothing for me as I was able to savor the magical views as well as appreciate all of nature’s beautiful sounds. Sitting on the boat in silence with my team gave us the inspiration we needed.

sine saloum senegal

diarrablu scarf sarong

Les Palétuviers hotel is conveniently located right off the bay, so you can enjoy many other water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding. 

A Walk on the Wild Side

The hotel is 15 minutes away from the Fathala Wildlife Reserve where Ranier and I went on a Safari and got to walk with lions. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible and unforgettable it was! Ranier grew up in the Bay Area collecting animal magazines and binging on animal planet documentaries, so this was such a dream come true for him.  senegal lion safari

This encounter gave me a closer look at these magnificent felines, including their behavior. They really live up to their title of being kings and queens of the jungle. I was fiercely runway walking next to them (for the Gram) but in reality my heart was pounding!

More Information About Les Palétuviers

Transport: You can get the hotel via land or helicopter/plane. They have transfer services from Dakar or Banjul airports. Our trip was organized by Cometrip, a travel planning company in Senegal.

We rented a private car and driver (for our team of 7) with Rent Dakar for our entire tour of Senegal and I highly recommend them. The hotel is approximately 3.5 hours away from our DSS Airport.  

Dining: The hotel has a sustainable approach to dining and offers a new menu every single day based on local farmer’s market offerings. You can opt for a fixed price full board menu, to make the most of all options. My favorite during our stay was the ‘build your own’ fire oven pizza and all the fresh seafood options they offered.  

Rooms: All the rooms are designed as beautiful air-conditionned huts . The Baobab Treesuite where I stayed, is definitely an elevated experience. The suite is often sold out for weeks, so plan your trip early. Pricing starts at $230 for the regular hut rooms and $350 for the treehouse suite (All rates include all 3 meals but drinks are at your expense).

You can email the hotel directly for any questions about pricing at pap@paletuviers.com and
Karolien@paletuviers.com and make sure to mention DIARRABLU :)

This destination was once again all about celebrating Senegal in many ways. From the lion safari, to the baobab treehouse, both had very meaningful emblematic symbols for my country. The lion is our national spirit animal and the Boabab our emblematic tree. From a designer’s perspective, I got a lot of inspiration from the environment and people we encountered and I can’t wait to pour all of this magic into my creativity.


Photo & Video Credit: Ranier Gadduang

Muses: Diarra Bousso, Adriana Gadduang


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